ID Policy

ID Policy

The Licensing Act 2003 and Video Recordings Act 1984 together require all premises holding a license to show films, to restrict the admission of children in accordance with the recommendations given by the BBFC or the local authority.

Staff members may ask a customer their age and date of birth before allowing admission. Where they are unconvinced that the customer is old enough, they may ask for photo identification. Failure to provide ID after being asked will result in admission being refused.

The following forms of ID are accepted:

  • British or EU passport (valid or expired)
  • Driving license (full or provisional)
  • Any card with the PASS hologram (please see
  • A birth certificate – if this is combined with something else to prove the person presenting the birth certificate is the person on the certificate, such as a college ID or bus pass with photograph
  • We are also happy to accept the Yoti App as proof of age. This is a digital version of ID stored on a mobile device, meaning people do not need to bring their physical ID along with them. You can find more details about this at

For 12a and 15 rated films we are happy to accept an image of the photo page of a passport stored on a mobile device as long as it clearly shows the name, picture, and date of birth.

We are unable to accept a parent or guardian’s word that the child in question is old enough.



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