Travel to the cinema is widely accessible as it is located near various bus stops in the Waterdale area.

You can park at the Civic Quarter Car Park (at the site of the old bus station) for 4 hours at a heavily discounted price of £1 exclusively for Savoy guest. Validating your car parking ticket is a very easy process as you can see in the detailed steps below;

Step 1 - Collect your parking ticket as you enter the CCQ car park (make sure you keep this with you).

Step 2 - Once you arrive at the cinema please hand your parking ticket to a member of our team at the retail counter. They will issue you a validated Savoy parking ticket. Please keep both the Savoy ticket and original CCQ ticket with you.

Step 3 - After your movie has finished please return to the car park with both parking tickets. You will find a parking machine at the pedestrian entrance of the CCQ. Enter your Savoy ticket first, followed by the original CCQ ticket (make sure you leave this ticket in the slot until payment has been made).

Step 4 - Take your ticket with you and enter into the exit machine as you leave the car park.

If you have any questions please feel free to give the cinema a call.



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